• Great Lakes Impact

    The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has been working to protect and restore our greatest economic and environmental resource — the Great Lakes, the largest source of fresh surface water on Earth. Developed as a freelance developer with Studio 424. Roles: Lead Developer(HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Angular, SASS, Grunt) Visit the site

  • Kool-Aid Photobomb

    Now Kool-Aid Man can photobomb all your favorite photos! You select his pose, make him bigger, smaller, rotate him and place him in your pics for Kool-Aid flavored photobombing fun! Then share to all your favorite social networks! Developed as an employee of VSA Partners. Roles: Lead Developer(Objective-C) Download the App on the App Store

  • Guess One to Watch

    GUESS One to Watch

    GUESS One to Watch is a Facebook application which serves as a global competition to find the next GUESS Access bloggers. Users enter the competition by creating a “style-board” and by writing a short essay. Once an entry is created, candidates promote their profile through Facebook, Twitter or an embedded Flash banner. Contestants then gain […]

  • Adidas YouTube

    Adidas YouTube Brand Channel

    The Adidas YouTube brand channel features a blend of video and audio tracks that come together seamlessly to create a unique interactive experience. Some of the custom features of this project include a tagging system, video cueing system and auto-complete system. [More…]

  • Estudio Colirio

    Estúdio Colírio

    Estúdio Colírio is an agency in São Paulo, Brazil. This full Flash company website was created to showcase recent work and provide information about the studio. A management system powered by Royale CMS has been integrated to provide a simple solution for the client to manage the site.

  • Air National Guard

    Air National Guard – Games

    Domani Studios partnered with Marketing Werks to create four games including two augmented reality games and one touch-screen game for the Air Nation Guard (ANG). Each game has been developed to operate on-board a custom ANG trailer which travels nationally to various air shows. Extended versions were created to be hosted on the ANG website. […]

  • Porsche I Can

    Porsche – I Can

    The Porsche “I Can” project was a part of the larger “Affordability” campaign which set out to prove that a Porsche is more affordable that common belief. The “Picture It” section allowed the user to upload a photo of their home and place a Porsche of their choosing in the driveway. Basic photo editing capabilities […]

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